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"Life, liberty, and property do not exist because men have made laws. On the contrary, it was the fact that life, liberty, and property existed beforehand that caused men to make laws in the first place." - Frederic Bastiat What's Your Greatest Concern?Do You Already Support Caleb?

The Why

There are several reasons why I aim to serve on the council.  I have always believed that it is the express right and civic responsibility of the individual to actively engage their government. However, I also believe that anyone offering themselves as a public servant has the same responsibility whether elected by a small or large number of potential voters.  My responsibility to Ward 3 will be the same, if elected at all, regardless of who and how many voted for me.

Too often I hear my neighbors tell me stories of them trying to get issues resolved, only to be met with either inept, uninterested, or at times downright hostile so-called representatives.

I would count it a great honor to be given an opportunity to work for the people of Ward 3 and build trust back in their city. To show you that you WILL BE heard and that together, WE can resolve our issues.

Individual rights are the only rights.  It’s time we reminded our city council of that.

To Liberty and Prosperity,

Caleb Davis

Caleb's road planInfrastructure

I have detailed a plan that emphasizes Lawton’s infrastructure and provides transparency for residents as the plan unfolds.  Not just 2nd Street and the main roads, but every street in town.

Caleb is committed to creative budgetary solutions that honor his obligation to Ward 3Responsible Budgeting

For decades now our city government has been walking a narrow budgeting path, just getting through fiscal constraints by raising water rates and creating new fees.  We can do better, and it’s time we did.

Caleb's plan for prosperityDeregulation

I trust industry leaders to set the bar high for their competitors.  I trust you, the individual residents, to incentivize industries to adopt best practices in accordance with your values.  It’s time for government to stop taking money for a service they provide so poorly – protecting the consumer from their own choices.

Caleb's explanation of our 2nd St project2nd Street (TIF District)

Now that our city has a TIF district, special districts are something every resident should know a little about.  I’m starting by enlightening myself on this issue, and will share what I learn with my Ward and town.  Questions about financing and effectiveness are foremost in my mind where the 2nd St. TIF is concerned.

iconathon_urban-river_simple-black_512x512Water as a Resource

Water scarcity usually only concerns us during drought, but if we’re going to be prepared for the future we have to address that scarcity now, while water levels are good.

Caleb puts Lawton crime into perspectiveCrime

The list of solutions that could improve the service and life quality of our police is long enough to fill its own page.  From funding and staffing to department prioritization and subsequent time management constrictions, we’re going to tackle all this and more.  And we can do it without another Safety Tax.

Raising the Standard of Public Service

Through Transparency and Constituency Engagement

My Twenty-Four Hour Guarantee

As you’re councilman for Ward 3, I am committed to a high degree of responsiveness.  Whether you contact me by phone, text, Facebook, or email, you will have a response in less than 24 hours.

Weekly Updates

As part of my promise to raise the standards of public service in Lawton, I will be reaching out each week through written word, audio, or video to keep you up to date on what’s happening at City Hall.  My hope is that your interest in being involved will grow with your understanding of how city government works, and I’ll be sharing what I learn, as I learn it.

Monthly Newsletters

Each month I will release a newsletter detailing what the council accomplished, good or bad, and how I voted and why.  I’ll also give you a small update on monthly expenditures for the city government, just so you will have an idea of how your money is being spent.

Quarterly Ward 3 Town Halls

At least once a quarter, I will hold a Town Hall forum for Ward 3 where any of my Constituents can come and ask questions, bring up concerns, or simply hold general discussions.  I also really look forward to helping organize Ward 3 initiatives that work towards proactive self government.  Government should work for you, or it should not do anything at all.

Countdown to Election Day








You Can Make the Difference

Most of us have become disheartened by and disengaged from politics.  We forget that all politics are in fact local.  Here on the ground we can make a difference, and residents do all the time!  But we can impact more than just what form a particular ordinance takes.  We can do much more, drastically improve the quality of our lives, and I want to show you how.

Caleb invites you to attend!

Council Attendance Testimonials

Nothing makes politicians squirm quite so much as coming face to face with those whom they purportedly serve, which is why council attendance has proven such an effective method of holding our council members accountable to us.  I’ll be posting testimonials from residents who have attended and spoken at meetings, their experiences, and the results of their efforts.

the power of a vote

How Lawton Becomes Yours

Two of the keys to controlling your local political environment are ballot measures and recall elections.  I want to teach Ward 3 how to easily exercise these powers to their own benefit by explaining the process and discussing some possible applications.

Caleb's community building solutions

Community Building

Without real communities there can be no self governance.  We, as a People, are too easily divided when we share no common ground, interest, or loyalty.  Luckily establishing these is as easy as getting to know our neighbors, and for that I’ve got some solutions.

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